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Jesslynn Saxton  - -  California
I've gone on several adventures with the Howard Family Ranch expecting merely a ride through the woods and have been surprised with experiences of a lifetime each and every time. As an equine professional, I was particularly impressed with the horses, available to match any skill level, which were consistently quiet and well-schooled. The cattle drives are the best in the area, offering an authentic cowboy experience, cuisine from gourmet to fireside and genuinely friendly and talented staff. The cattle drive is not to be missed!
The Howard Family Creed
"I hope you enjoy these testimonials, as much as we do: 

Bare with me, as my secretary and I don't see eye to eye on me talking about my grammar or myself.  She not sure she wants to be working here in the future - I'm not sure either - lol!  And every year you'll have to ask when you come.  :-)

I was raised in the Industry, and I love what I do and that comes through in everything we do for you.  I was taught by many a wrangler - some good and some great, I took the best of both and  those Nuggets are a gift to you.  

My team and I will make your stay with us a safe, fun and most of all memorable ride! These are progressive riding programs.  You don't have to be an experienced rider before you come, but you will be when you leave.  We appreciate experienced riders."

The Welde Family - - New Jersey
My husband and I took the 3 day pack trip with Terry in June 2012. It far exceeded our expectations. This was our first pack trip and we are fairly new riders. Terry was an excellent guide and host. I was much more nervous than my husband who has more riding experience. Terry helped me overcome these feelings and he encouraged me to challenge myself (which I did). As a result of our trip with Terry, my husband and I have gained riding skills that we would not have acquired from our lessons in the riding arena. We are already trying to plan for a future trip. Oh and by the way Terry is a pretty darn good cook too!
Shelly Nelson - - Oregon
What a wonderful time ! My girlfriends and our daughters enjoyed the scenic trail riding and overnight camping on our horse packing trip vacation. I was so impressed with Terry's hospitality and safety I sent my daughter to one of his summer horse camps. Thanks again!
I’ve been a horse trainer for more than 20 years, in Layfette. I was an honorary Whip and Kennel Husband for the Red Rock Hounds 11 years. I’ve been on many horse adventures and hosted quite a lot of them. But my journey with Terry Howard was second to none. Because the food was dynamite, the company was great; the landscape was breathtaking. His natural horsemanship was second to none. And his ability to intuitively match rider to horse was fabulous!
Tommy Campbel - - California
Sincerely yours,
Terry Howard
Ranch Owner and Operator