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Cattle Drives
This Cattle Drive has been passed down since 1941 and in that tradition, builds strong relationships between ranchers, as it will for you and yours. 

It's full of excitement around every corner as mother nature, the wild life and the herd will give you no indication of as to what lies ahead.  In a second, the weather, mountain lions, and bear will turn a herd and send your plans awry and on a new adventure, as it is our code to get the herd delivered safely we will press on. 

While doing all of this, you do it in a landscape that is so beautiful, and at the same time the herd, your mount and the Cow Boss will be testing you riding abilities. The lessons and skills learned on this adventure will change you, the way you look at yourself and interact with your team.  The words, “Get it Done” will be used in your vocabulary henceforth.  

Most cattle drives are filled with two many cattle and cowboys and clients usually end up lost and left on the sidelines.

We offer more quality involvement for our clients - that's why our client counts are small.  You will rope, drive, inoculate, brand,  and live the experience.  This is just the first step in a progressive format.  Every year, there is an opportunity to test the skills learned with us in local, annual Spring and Fall brandings where you will build real relationships you can depend on, year after year.

Coming to the Howard Family Ranch is like coming home... 
Welcome to a Sierra Nevada Adventure

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