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The trails cover large sections of land through the Sierra Pacific and Soper-Wheeler territories - Some of the most rugged wilderness known to man.

You will enjoy helping us irrigate green pastures, build fence lines and ranch relationships as we re-grow these routes and bring the old ways forward into the Future!
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About Sierra Nevada Adventures
Sierra-Nevada-Adventures is designed for Travel Agents and Brokers to refer people to us. Here you can take a detailed look at our present packages and see what the future holds for your group.

Since 1939, the Howard Family Ranch has been family-owned and operated right here in Quincy, CA. We’ve treated every customer like they were part of our family. 

Our Pioneering Spirit first began with our Grandfather, John William Nordt - a young Russian who came through Ellis Island with his parents. At 18, his parents decided they didn't like America and returned to Latvia-Russia. John stayed behind and crossed the continent on his own. He picked up work whereever he found it - even working as a Roughneck in Texas. Eventually he made his way to Quincy, California.

It was in the Logging, Mining and Ranching Industry that he found his vocation. He first gained 320 acres, then another 160, then a final 40 acres. And in time, he gained a young family. However, as a young bachelor, he grew hay on the largest pasture at Nordt Ranch and grew an equally large orchard: apples, pears, peaches, plums plus victory garden. Many of these agricultural products were sold at local markets or made into whiskey. The hay supported his cattle herd. Following the seasons, he drove his cattle herd from the Nordt Ranch to other green mountain meadows. In winter, the final destination became the Farnworth's farm; where he had a small cabin. This began the first cattle drive in the family's history. 

On the other side of the family were Grandpa Joe and Grandma Sally Alexander. They were the first horse 4-H leaders in the Quincy area. They started the first horse club and built the Roping arena with Plumas County funds. Grandma Sally also started a competitive horse Drill Team that often traveled the state and performed exhibitions at rodeo's and horse events. Grandpa Joe was a Farrier, which owned stables at two local camps: Oakland Camp and Camp Wallace, Alexander (affectionately known locally as Camp Wally).

Eventually, Grandpa Joe shared the trail routes and the stories with grandson Terry Howard. Mr. Howard and his daughter, Stephanie, continue these routes and traditions.
 Grandpa John achieved the American Dream, Come ride his dream with us!