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Sierra Nevada Cattle Drive Itinerary
Day 3:  Saturday

7:30 am – 9:00 pm: Wake up to your first cup of Cowboy Sock Coffee – Yup, you read it right. We love to do this traditional styled coffee with fresh, cotton socks – you will never like your paper filters again! Then the chase is on as we catch our horses with grain and a lot of humor. Breakfast flies by and soon we saddle up, gather the cattle and head out to Mason Ranch following the Old Cow Trail. Lunch is at Bauer Springs while watering cattle. Once we roll into Mason, we then put cattle into a branding corral. We will check the fence and move irrigation lines. Then return to tend to herd’s medical needs and begin branding cows that need it. Turn Cows out onto the meadow for the night. For those interested, and if time allows, we will ride over to the old mining camp and dig for antique bottles. Upon return from bottle hunting everyone will help make camp and eat supper. The evening will conclude with a bonfire, guitar-picking hoedown and dance lessons.
Day 4: Sunday

7:30 am – 4:30: Cowboy sock coffee, breakfast, break camp, catch horses and saddle up. Gather the herd to move out to William’s Loop. On the way, we will ride through the remains of the Argentine Ghost town. Take a drink from the spring we call the “Fountain of Youth.” End the trail at “William’s Loop” – one of Plumas County’s most famous railroad sites. Finally, smack the dust off your clothes and stomp your boots – you’ve made it home to the Stage Stop. Enjoy a wonderful shower and trade back your western gear for life in the city. Christina will marvel you with one last meal. For those a little sore in the saddle we provide a massage from a local masseur!